State-of-the-art equipment

Did you know that as car technology becomes more advanced, so does the equipment we use to repair them?

Latest Up-to-date Equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment means your auto body repairs are carried out at the highest standard, in line with manufacturer specifications, and often in much less time than with traditional accident repair methods. The electronic estimating system we have in place gives us 24/7 access to pricing for new parts, and with direct links to insurance companies, we can help you process your claim faster!

Car-O-Liner Chassis Straightening System

This electronic measuring system provides our auto repair technicians readouts of the chassis alignment before, during, and after repairs have been carried out. Compared to manual measurements, this process is far quicker and ensures your vehicle is correctly returned to manufacturer specifications.

Inverter Spot Welder

By duplicating the welds used by your car’s manufacturer, our inverter spot welder produces high-quality welds that are safe and strong.

Infra-Red Rail System

Using this system in our spray painting preparation bays, we’re able to make the drying process faster and more thorough, ensuring the final paint job matches manufacturer standards.

Computerised Colour Retrieval System

With an electronic spectrometer (paint colour scanner), we are able to quickly make an accurate colour match to your vehicle. This is particularly helpful where there is no existing colour code available; the electronic spectrometer scans the database for the closest match, which can then be manually adjusted to give you the best finish possible.

Full Down Draft Baking Oven

This state-of-the-art booth features a filtration system equivalent to that of a medical operating theatre. Not only is it a safer environment for our auto repair technicians, it provides a cleaner paint finish and greatly reduces any adverse impact on the environment.

Fleurieu Crash Repairs are committed to providing our customers with the very best body repairs. That’s why we’ve invested in auto repair technologies that not only reduce the time your car is in the shop, but also ensure the safety of your vehicle for you and your family once you’re back on the road.
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